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2 changes of note:

A Note on Laws 13(c) The spirit and intent of the Two Pass Variation Law is that nominated DH and FR players “are substantially active” in these positions. This means that these players are in position to perform those vested roles for the majority of plays in each set of tackles. Failure of teams to play within the spirit and intent of this Law may be considered in breach of the NRL’s Code of Conduct, and sanctions may apply, determined by the League’s governing body.

A better definition of kicking:

(18) Goal kicks are prescribed in Law (16). A kick at goal at a penalty is NOT
Kicking, in general play, is allowed – APART from –
(a) “bombs” or “high up-and-unders”
NOTE: A “bomb” can be regarded as any kick aimed at gaining time for the
“chasers”, rather than distance, AND exerting pressure on the receiver.
“Bomb-like” kicks are unacceptable at any (and all) phases of play.
(b) attempts to score a drop/field goal.
If either of these kicks are attempted (unless the ADVANTAGE LAW
applies) there will be a change of possession at the spot at which the kick
was taken. The referee will signal the changeover in accordance with
International Law.
“Chip” punts, grubber kicks and kicks for touch are permissible. A
handover (play-the-ball) to the non-kicking team shall be awarded at
the point where the ball was kicked out on the full in general play (but
no closer than 10 metres from the touchline and goal line).
(c) The 40/20 International Law applies (Under 12 Age Division only).

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